One year later…

And so, another chapter from the book of life has been read, and the same thing is true for my blog which completes now one year of existence… It was exactly 1 year ago that I decided to get around to create it and to start sharing my thoughts with it, in order to inspire many people to be happy and to live a well-deserved life.

2016 is also coming to an end, this very special year with one more day than the majority of the years, taught me how to be strong, independent and how to fight for what we truly believe. Throughout the year, I have lived many different emotions, from fights to joy, but all of them with a happy ending. However, the best that I have to retain from this year is that we must definitely learn from all the experiences in our lives, learn that not always life goes as we wished for or planned, and learn not to give up when it gets harsh. Because it is impossible to predict our future, since it is the result of billions of actions combined together. On the other hand, we should absorb what is best in every situation and always give a chance to the universe to show us the right path to follow.

Additionally, I would like to give a special attention to some examples of situations which have caught us by surprise (or maybe not), such as the Brexit, more specifically their decision of leaving the European Union, was something that has undoubtedly shocked us, or at least for me. It was as if the British people wanted to step away from the peace, security and all the agreements created by the EU. The same can be said about the election of Trump as president of the USA, one bold candidate, who in the end has proved that the power of human will is underestimated. Equally surprising, our current “Prime Minister”, who wasn’t democratically elected, through one of the most hypocritical connections that I have ever known in history. In my point of view, this is nothing more than the money and power thirst, one very selfish attitude. António Costa, the man that had himself as the “leader” of Portugal, but who is nothing like a leader. He proved again that the human desire can overcome laws, means and everything to achieve a final goal.

These are just small illustrations, but what really concerns me is the worsening of the Syrian war, which has reached catastrophic proportions and which has dragged itself to our European continent. A conflict in which we wouldn’t like to be included but we feel obligated to help with. The truth is that everyone calls us the “rich kids”, however they would like to live as peacefully as we do. The major thing that people forget is how hard we fought to maintain peace and how many millions of euros we have spent to keep it. I totally understand that people would like to live peacefully, because in the middle of all the mess, the majority of people deserve to have a good life and the same opportunities as we have, and life would understand it too if it was fair. Nevertheless, it isn’t…

Now, the positive things about 2016 are definitely worth of attention. For instance, the Portuguese soccer team winning the European championship was an amazing moment which brought the light to our people’s eyes, it brought joy and people together. Then, the election of our Republic President is something that brought hope that in the end of the day everything will be fine.

Finally, I want to thank for this splendid year all the people who have made it special, everyone who has followed my blog, all of my friends, all of the new people who I’ve met in the way, my beautiful family, all the closest ones, my cute pets, and last, but not least the world for allowing us to be happy… A big thank you 2016!



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