The world is upside down…

I am divided, right now… My words seem to flow in my head but I am powerless. I don’t know if I should trust humanity or not… With what has been happening around the world it seems that we are crossing a dangerous line. We should be all paddling in the same direction but we are jumping out of the boat. I don’t know if I should trust my judgement anymore…

The saddest thing for me is that I feel that people don’t have the same rationality… Is that because we don’t have the same access to information and education? Is that because we have different values and beliefs? But shouldn’t it all be about pro-humanity and life?

I am talking about the recent events that are happening in Turkey, a country in which I have one of my best friends for life… She is just like me, young and full of energy, but she lives in a country in which she can’t have the same opportunities because she is surrounded by instability. I am really sad because of what is happening there, not only because of my friend, but also because of all other people full of talent and who deserve so much, they deserve to live in their homes, but to live safely and peacefully. Why is that so wrong? I can’t explain it… I think the world is upside down…

What I can say is that the Man is often more focused in its own life, and puts its ego and selfishness blinding his/her consciousness. Sometimes we forget how to think, how to use our minds to develop only positive things instead of destructing others’ lives. What most differentiate humans from other species is the mind and consciousness. However sometimes the mind is used in the negative way, the opposite of what should be, it is used to create evilness and really ugly realities. The animals don’t hold anger or will of revenge, but, unfortunately, people do…

I wish we all reflect about these issues that are happening in the world, I wish all of us could take a deep thought about what is going on in our planet, all the terrorism that has been happening, destroying millions of innocents every day. I wish all the prayers are listened and we all recover the beauty which the world has to offer.

I dedicate this text to my beautiful friend, you are a bright star in the world, shining everyday… You will be very successful because of your inner strength and power! I am always here for you my dear sister from another country… I miss you every day, and I love you for your pure soul and amazing personality…

Thank you for reading my post… Hope you enjoyed it!


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