Stress? Don’t let it be.

Pause for a second, take a deep breath and for a moment forget who you are. Forget all the labels you are entitled of, forget what’s your name. This is barely impossible, maybe it is really impossible, because we are so focused in ourselves or in life in general that is impossible to separate who we are from what surround us. I am who I am because of external factors, these cause the most impact in our behaviors, even more than our personality itself.

The other day I got thinking about the reason why I got so anxious and stressed in important situations such as university exams or just the simple fact of having an important meeting. Why do I get so nervous in these situations? I guess I am not the only one asking this question. But then I thought deeper and I concluded that maybe I am afraid of failure, however that’s too obvious to be the only reason. Why failure? I will keep being alive after that, I will keep having the same things afterwards. “Maybe I am worried about what others think about of me” I thought, no that is not the reason I guarantee, but what is then? Why do we, people who live in a city full of opportunities, are so worried about everything?

So I decided to do a research about it, and some results were: stress at work, stress at school, stress… This was quite obvious. But I kept researching and other studies showed that this is something in people’s brains and in the nervous, and as I am not a doctor I can’t explain much about that those causes. However, I can share with you the ways I deal with anxiety and that actually helps, having a positive impact in my life and I become even more efficient.

First, you have to loose the whining posture, you have to be grateful for what you have instead of complaint about the less positive things in your life. We have to realize that we live in a developed world and be grateful for the fact that we are alive and have people to share the joy of living.

After being grateful, I must recommend you some of the things I do to keep relaxed:

  1. Practice sports and exercise everyday, at least once, stretch and treat your body as temple. But, don’t exercise just for your beauty, instead focus on your health and also enjoy playing something you really love;
  2. Listen to music! I really like to begin my day or end it listen to music, it gives me extra energy;
  3. Get a pet, or if it isn’t possible, socialize with your friends’ pets or even help at an animal shelter. Hanging out with animals is proved to relieve stress and help people that suffer from anxiety problems;
  4. Hug your friends and family, sharing affection with the close ones is a good way of being calm. It is also good to talk about your feelings with the people your trust the most.

Life is full of beautiful thing for us to concentrate on, so sometimes let go your worries, because in the end it will be ok. Life has the power to give us clues to guide us in the right way, just follow them…

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it! Be positive and always remember to smile… And enjoy the summer, the most relaxing season of the year!


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