Time: how should we spend it?

The other day I was watching TV and something got me thinking: probably all of us have an obsession with something. “But that is insanely dangerous for our health” I wondered. Then I started thinking that some people are obsessed with their professions, they just think about it, they forget about their friends and family, and when they are old, they realize that they wasted all of their time in material accomplishments, just to feel proud about what? I guessed: their ego. Other people are obsessed with a sport, such as professional athletes, in order to achieve excellence they have to spend most of their lives with their coaches or alone practicing and practicing, just to achieve some scores and win some medals.

I was guessing  wrong, because these people are not wasting their time in stupid activities, they are loving what they are doing. We are different creatures, some of us are meant to stay at home and be good parents, others should work day and night to save lives, others have the talent to make people happy by singing or dancing. That’s the beauty of life, we are different from each other and we complete the world where we live.

 I mean if we want to be good at something we have to focus all our energy in it, we have to run miles and fight until the end, we can’t give up, right? Hmm, I don’t think that is true. Time might be limited but there is still plenty of it, it is a very precious resource because it is the only thing in the world we can’t buy or exchange. In our world nothing works like in the Justin Timberlake’s movie: “In Time”, in which we can buy stuff in exchange for time, fortunately we still use money as a payment. So, as the most important resource we have, should be used in best way possible, however it doesn’t mean we have to die exhausted in our busy days. In my point of view, we should find a balance, there is always time to keep up with the competition and simultaneously dedicate some time to the ones we love, since they are the ones who motivate us to keep going. It is certain that without people our goals wouldn’t mean anything but wasted sweat.

Although there is no magical formula to establish how should we manage our time, there is some things we should keep in mind:

  • Always remember what is your passion – don’t give up of your dreams, they exist for some reason and you are the only one who can figure it out;
  • People are more important than objects – sometimes we will have to abdicate material goods so we don’t hurt other’s peoples feelings;
  • Work is not all, but it is our most important function in society – we are all people and we should be treated as that, however sometimes we have to give up of some pleasures in order to be successful;
  • Always enjoy what you do – don’t do it because you have to, try to find the purpose and some joy in what you do, even if it is not your favorite activity.

So what I want to transmit is that we all have a motivation to live, for some of us it is clearer, for others it is needed to be found.

Thank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Wish you all the best in the world, and all the happiness!



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