The happiness of the small (big) things…

Every day, lots of people allover the world are searching for the same thing. Every day they think that eventually they will find that thing, and they wait… They wait for Friday, for the the summer, for the holidays, they wait for the next year. They are always waiting for happiness…

The truth is that it is closer than we think. We don’t need to wait for a specific moment to be happy, because the fact of having vision,  smell, hearing, touching and taste to feel the best flavors in the world should be by itself a reason to celebrate every day. The truth is that happiness is included in the small things in life… in the small pleasures which are the ones that we miss the most when they disappear.

Certainly, there are in life very remarkable moments which step up from the others because of the joy they bring. Moments like these we should be always thanking, such as what happen recently to me, dancing! It had been a while since my head didn’t think about it, but my heart was missing something, but I wasn’t sure of what was it, until I started dancing… Inside of me it grew a glint, an indescribable energy that blossomed and made me feel… Happy! Very happy!

However, there are some less positive moments which get us tired and affect our mind, our way of thinking, our feelings and our heart. Moments like these are the ones with we should learn the most valuable lessons, since we should enjoy them to grow as persons. Life is designed in a perfect way, like a puzzle, and all of the moments fit each other. Sometimes, we have difficulty in understanding the link between two pieces of life, but later, when the moment passes, we will learn how to correctly build the puzzle.

With all of this, I mean that life is meant to be happily lived, yet is necessary to deserve that happiness. We have to know how to value the smallest thing and be grateful for everything we have, because that is the first step to be happy. Happiness lives inside ourselves and it is always ready to be found, it is our mission to make it happen.

Thank you very much for reading my post! I hope I have inspired you! Always remember that we are the ones who create the joy that lasts in our lives, and lots of times we just need to be with the ones we love the most…

And as music send us positive energy, here it is a very beautiful one:


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