You left and took a piece of my heart…

In the day you left you took a piece of my heart, but it’s ok because I can rebuild it by myself. I have a big heart, I guess you felt too small for it. I was so focused in you that I forgot to take care of me, and you made me realize that I am the most important one, not you… You made a big wound in my heart, but it’s ok, it will heal…

I was blind by your smile, I was deluded by your promises, I was so happy waiting for you, dreaming with your eyes… When I came home to stay with you, you decided that you didn’t want me, so you left me alone in our memories… Somehow, I have changed some of my values to believe that being with you was the right thing, guess what? It wasn’t… I guess I didn’t make you happy anymore, but it’s ok because I don’t want someone who doesn’t love me in full, who doesn’t understand that my feelings are natural and genuine, someone who doesn’t appreciate when I get all pretty to have dinner with…

You made me grow up, but you stayed the same… You made me want to accomplish my dreams, but you quit fighting for yours. What happened? I think you just stoped thinking about me, about us and all the plans we made for our lives…I guess our kisses were not sweet anymore… But it’s ok, because I realized that I want more for my life…

I don’t wish that this didn’t happen, because I live a truthful life… I just wish you didn’t made promises, you didn’t tell me I was your everything when that wasn’t true… But it’s ok because I am a happy person…

To all the girls: love yourself before you love someone else, don’t let someone make you feel less than you are, value the ones who really respect you… You are no one’s second choice, you deserve to be loved for who you are and not for something else… Don’t let someone still your dreams, but dream with them… Be yourself and don’t live of peaty…

You left and took a piece of my heart, but it’s ok because I have a big heart…

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked the post! I wish I inspired you! Always remember to smile and to be positive!


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  1. Rosa Sá says:

    When someone leaves us,regardless how much we love them,our heart never shrinks but instead,it gets bigger!Bigger to love someone else who will be waiting for it as a refuge for the best of themselves and ready to Love us for the person we are😊Best luck!


    1. Thank you for your lovely and sincere words 🙂


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