Follow your own path…

Throughout our life, we are challenged by some decisions that will define us as people: our academic qualifications, the sports we practice, the people we hangout with, our jobs, the clothes we dress and even the music we listen to. However, let’s not be scared because such decisions do not have to be definitive. Many of us make choices based in the people who surround us, such as our family… who never heard of a story in which someone was forced or persuaded to follow other’s person dream instead of thinking by their own head?

Sometimes, we are conditioned by behaviors that societies consider to be “normal”, and it comes from the fact that we are human beings, always worried with what other human beings think of us. The most bold ones are threatened, but curiously those are the ones who achieve different and brilliant results , they stand out from the others and make difference in our world. These people are the minority and, because of that, they can be the example for us to dream and try to accomplish our goals. Let’s see for example, Steve Jobs, who didn’t finish his academic education,because he needed money to raise his family, or even Tony Robbins who doesn’t even have education, and who inspires and changes millions of lives.

I say this to show you that academic education is something that really affects our lives and should be considered a luxury, but which doesn’t defines us as persons. Also our job, since if we don’t lie what we do, why keep on doing? Maybe because we have bills to pay, lots of people telling us that we are doing the right thing. Still, these people do not live our lives and we are the ones who have full control of it. Certainly, we let people around us to make our decisions, since we don’t know exactly what we want, we don’t want to change because we are scared to move from our comfort zone.

So, we should teach the younger ones how to think about what they like since they are little, offer all the chances possible, let them choose and encourage them to think by themselves, also teach them how to make quick decision in order to loose less resources as possible, specially time. This happens because we live in a specialized world in where everyone have to stand out for some reason.

Because of that, if in any moment of your life you fill scared or unmotivated, think about what makes your blood flow in your veins, in your dreams and start working, don’t be afraid to fall, because making mistakes is an human characteristic, and you will stand up after it. Be the most shinny star in the sky, go to battle and be strong and demanding with yourself, because if you are not, someone will take the power of your life. Live in the truth because there are already too many lies in reality shows. However, always remember one important thing, do it humbly and smile because that is the most precious jewelry you can wear (and it is free!).

Thank you for reading my post! Hope you have liked it and wish you all the happiness in the world… Be yourself and help the life of everyone being better.



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