Never ending list of world inequalities…

It is incredibly to observe the standard of living disparities that exist nowadays in the world. Today, I got thinking about the fact that the majority of people leave with less then 2 US dollars per day, more precisely around 55% of world population. Also, the majority of world wealth is concentrated in a small percentage of private individuals. My question is: how and why did we reach this situation? Is it because most of people don’t like to work, because they don’t have enough qualifications, they are not able to work? I don’t think this is the major justification.

The answers for above questiones aren’t unfortunately available… However, one of our duties as the minority of people with more than basic conditions is, at least, reflect about this major problem, discuss and communicate solutions for it.

Although I don’t usually criticize society in my posts, with this one, I want to create a positive reflection in the readers in order to contribute to this purpose of mine, minimizing the world injustices. If all of us dedicate at least some moments of our life trying to find solutions for these sensitive situations, faster and more effective they will be solved. “Of course, a final solution seems to drastic…” It is not indeed, as this is the thought most people have to apologize the fact that they avoid and skip this problem every day. – “Oh for that there are so many charity organizations”, “I donate money sometimes!” – people say all the time this kind of sentences. What I am trying to appeal is not for people donations, instead I want people to talk, reflect and educate their children, their friends for this issue. Most problems in society are created by us, humans. Did you know this? Every year, governments spend millions, billions, absurd values to take care of problems which were exclusively cause by us. Nations and people deal with events such as solving pollution damages, lack of water (when sometimes we are throwing liters of water away every day, just because we have it), health conditions caused by humans such as obesity (13% of adults in the world are obese) while there is still people dying of hunger, or as heart diseases caused by bad food habits… There are no words to describe this non-sense disparities.

So where is the key factor for these problems? I believe the route is the people’s instruction. We have to educate the ones who don’t know, we have to educate ourselves to know more, we have to teach people of start to care with others, because if we contribute in the local level we will make a little difference. The following areas are the ones I think we should spend more time discussing with our families, friends and even acquaintances:

  • Children’s education – everything begins in the youngest generations, since they are the ones who are still growing and with all the potencial to become better leaders;
  • Health higiene and safety – as referred before, lots of our resources are used to cure diseases that could be avoided, so why not prevent them and use the resources to save people who need them?
  • Solidarity spirit – we all live in the same planet, so lets stop being selfish and share it with everyone, lets help each other, lets stop gossiping about others’ lives and work productively;
  • Environment sustainability – you expect to live in this planet during all your life, so why do you pollute it? If you are environmentally friend, congratulations! You are a rare person. Remember: without water and food, you will not survive;
  •  Human rights – humans have developed a group of rights that EVERYONE should have access to, not only part of world population. It is part of our life to provide others with the same opportunities, and this applies for both genders, all religions, racial groups and ethnic classes.
  • Education for the Social State – a very important right is that we have access in developed countries to a social security system and government help in case of incapability for working, or in unemployment situations. There is no such thing as a perfect law system, but at least we have it, so we should start valuing it more and, simultaneously, try to improve it with our behaviors – don’t try to escape from taxes, don’t overuse public help, such as not paying for a public service. It could be perfect if EVERYONE cooperated.

I invite to start talking more, communicating and promoting the equality in the world, and, for that, I don’t mean only about income equality, but also about the access to the same resources, infrastructures and services (health, education, social protection).

I hope, after this post, I caused you a reflection moment. My purpose is to contribute for the improvement of our world. Thank you for reading and for dedicating your time for such a noble cause! Together we can end world inequalities…

 “I decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear.” – Martin Luther King 



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