Dream more when you are awake…

Do you know why you should always follow your dreams? Do you know what make us the most beautiful creatures in this planet? And at the same time the ugliest species?

Well, all of us have a special purpose of existing in this very well organised world. Sometimes we feel frustrated, without energy. In these moments, we should stop and reflect about what motivates us to wake up every day, what are our dreams that we have forgotten because the society just denied them.

I really appreciate the human species as its unique and magic capacity of being able to accomplish major results, move mountains, use all of its energy until there is nothing else left, just to achieve its dreams. When we commit to something we are able to do it, no matter what… we are able to put our arrogance aside and gather together in international organizations such as WTO (World Trade Organization) or EU, for me one of the biggest steps for humans in generating peace. The beauty of humanity is in its big capability of changing, of being flexible, of improving every moment.

Simultaneously, I consider that one of the biggest problems of our world is human selfishness. People can be very hurtful and mean to each other, people can be very judgmental and, with this behavior, prevent someone of following his/her own dreams or goals.

Here, I will provide you 7 habits/beliefs which I follow in my life and which I found indispensable to reach our main objectives in life:

  • Every day I reflect on what moves me (at least once per day), what is my purpose in life. Some examples of peoples motivational boosts: educating well their children; managing a dream business; being involved in the society charity events; being a great husband/wife; becoming a ballerina etc;
  • Tell people about our goals – if you exteriorize your feelings and emotions about your projects and goals, it will be easier for you to reach them, since people can share their opinions and even help you;
  • Plan your goals in time – create a plan for long-term goals, and one for short-term ones (you can, for example, use your phone calendar to plan them);
  •  Don’t be unrealistic (however, DREAM BIGGER) – although we have to be real with ourselves, is good to dream bigger because positive people will have more chances to succeed while the naysayers will stay at home complaining about how hard is to do it!
  • Work really hard! – no matter what, if you want to be the best on doing something, you can’t give up when difficulties appear in your path. Actually, most people never accomplish their dreams because they whine about every problem instead of seeing it as a challenge;
  • Trust yourself – don’t make the mistake of thinking less than excellence. If you don’t trust yourself for some task, no one will;
  • Go out of your comfort zone – in a perfect world, everyone would accomplish their dreams, but the biggest problem of humans is that when they feel fear, they tend to run back to their homes. Thus I believe that we need to get out of our comfortable homes and challenge ourselves with activities that push our imagination.

The truth of making wishes come true is not only the wish itself… The truth is in our hands, because for a better world we all have to contribute.

Also, always remember to rest and take time for yourself, since the energy for working hard is inside of you.

Thank you for reading! I hope I inspired you and remember: your dreams are not just dreams they are real if you make efforts for that to be possible…


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