The different between passion and love…

Is it passion, is it love?

This is a question lots of people ask themselves when thinking about the feelings they nourish for other someone.

I will help you to answer this questions and hope to make a positive difference in your life. This is a very discussed issue when people want to marry each other, specially in the day before of the ceremony, a very wished moment in a woman’s life. I have a very important rule in my life – the rule of rationalization which I define as making a break to reflect in more detail of a certain aspect without letting my emotions take over my conscience. I truly believe that sometimes we need to dedicate time to this exercise in order to make our decisions more accurate. However, this issue is very sensitive to emotions, and because of that it is necessary to distinguish passion from love.

What is passion? What is love?

Passion is a high speed emotion that makes our system rush into a state of blindness regarding all the negative aspects of a person or activity. We can be passionate about things too, but normally, its symptoms are less stress causing. So when your are lovesick for someone you feel your heart beating very fast in the moment you see this person and sometimes you even feel nervous and anxious. Actually, passion is not needed to love someone. When you love your mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends… you don’t need to feel passion for them first. When you start loving someone it will be very hard, if impossible, to stop loving them. This happens because Love is the greatest feeling we can ever experience. To love someone is to care, is to feel their pain, to want them to success in life, them to be happy and at the same time you will always wish to share your happiness with them. It means to be happy every moment that you think about this person, just because they are part of your life; to miss them when you are far from them, but even though you live joyful as you know in the end of the day they are there for you. Loving someone is being loved back, is to be proud of their goals as they were your objectives, is to see they smiling and smile. Love can be defined in so many different ways, but none of them is complete because love is infinite.

The only thing I am sure of is that when you love a person, you know it, you don’t need a dictionary or a guide. I am not saying you can’t feel doubts about it and that love is easy. Love requires time and lots of effort, since we sometimes can’t even take care of ourselves and we shouldn’t expect others to do it for us. The truth is to be happy by ourselves, just because we exist in this world we live, and simultaneously with our beloved ones.

Love yourself so you can love others. Maybe the key is to start step by step, and you will free your world, open your mind and love.

The conclusion is that love is a splendorous feeling while passion is just a temporary state of being, and it is proved to be just for a short period of time. My advice today is to try to love you for who you are, and then others can be loved.

Make the world a better place by loving yourself and being the best you can be!

Thank you for reading!! I hope I inspired you! Have a great week!

This post is dedicated to a very special person who I truly love ❤

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