Manage your mind and you will have it all!

Do you believe in destiny? I don’t know if it is possible to define something really big as our world in one word.

What I truly believe is that our world is made of what we conduct it to be. When we want to create a war, we will create a war, when we want to create peace and generous events, we will make our world a better place to live. You maybe thinking “but I wish everyday for something and I can’t reach it”, why?

Here is a good question to answer. Our brain works as machine, but we can’t control it 100% if we don’t understand its rules. So, the first step to accomplish our main goals in life is to gain full control of our MIND and BODY. I will give you an example of how I started believing in this theory. When I was just a child (with 11 years old), I went to Disney Land with my family, and as an  average girl I was in dance classes, and wished to my mother: “Mum, I want to dance in Disney Land like the princesses are doing!”. You know what? When I was just 15 years old I made my wish come true. Woooowww! How was it possible. I will explain… Every year I was participating in the national qualifications for the Dance World Cup, and, there was one year, the world competition was going to be in Disney Land. Can you believe it? Then, I set my mind into it and promised myself that I was going there! With the amazing help of my group and dance teacher, we were able to win the best national group award and participate in the Dance World Cup, in Disney Land Paris!

That episode changed my life forever. I now understand the power of willing and of our brain. 

Coming back to the destiny, there is a phenomenon in the world that can’t explain. That is the way our energy works, but it works. In other words, I would like to know the secret of the power of our positive energy. Positive people attract positive people, and the same for negative people. For example, I totally think that we are always in the other people’s life with one purpose, it can be just to make them realize how their lives are great or to build a family with them. For instance, in my Erasmus+ experience I met an amazing girl (my roommate in Poland) who was doing the same exchange program in my home university, one semester before. What are the chances? Now, I believe that we are very good friends and we share lots of common traits.

The world has these magical things which we can’t explain, but also it gives us an amazing gift, our brain. Today, my advice is to learn how to work with it, and you will feel much better and confident about yourself and your life goals.

Always remember to be positive, as I mentioned positive people attract positiveness. Wish for you dreams to come true and work for them, don’t wait for the opportunity to fall. Use your brain and start/ continue being happy! Because, everyone has the right of being free. After all, our feelings are for free!

Here it is a beautiful song to inspire you:

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