Sports? Natural healing

I would like to start today’s post by asking you one question: when was the last time you exercised?

Now, reflect for 2 minutes about the feelings you had after exercising. I exercised the day before yesterday and now I am feeling a big need of it. I am a loyal person to the gym, but when there is more than 2/3 days since I do not exercise, my body starts to change very quickly as in a bad cycle of laziness. First, I don’t feel like going to the gym anymore, secondly, I start eating unhealthy food, then I want to sleep more in the mornings and, finally, I decide that this is not my favorite way of living so I just go back to working out every day again!

This situation happens with me and with many other people in the world, because when our body gets used to a routine it is much easier to keep on with it, and when you change your routine for another routine it gets used again. People who do this find themselves in a roller coaster of routines and just create a massive routine of jumping from one routine to another.

I am everyday struggling against this massive routine, what I like to call “sports irrationality”, since just from one day to another I forget how great is the feeling when I exercise. This can be changed if we are very persistent and if we commit to our big goal, being healthy and happy. Here it is why we should constantly work out, go outside for a run, play basketball with our friends, go to a class of zumba (this one is more for the ladies), practice surf, walk very fast, go by stairs instead of taking the elevator… And a lot more we can do to keep active and dynamic people.

There are proofs that people who exercise more, spend less time procrastinating and dedicate themselves to things that really matter in life, such as being with friends, family and lover, or to more productive work. This means that it will be much easier for us to be successful in life if we practice sports, since the body is normally used to more intensive moves and has less difficulty to adapt to hard situations in life.

Now I can give you some tricks for never regretting a good session of workout:

  • You will feel always much better than you are now when you are choosing between 2 hours of sofa or 1 hour of exercise + 1 hour of sofa, never think twice and choose the second option, you will feel such a freedom! ;
  • Not having enough time is not an excuse – unless you are a neurosurgeon between shifts and need to sleep because you need to operate again, you always find time to workout, even if it is just for 20/10/7 minutes. Sometimes we just loose time looking at our Facebook page which could be used for this;
  • Your brain will work faster – it is proved, because of the endorphins  and adrenaline you release, that your brain will fresh and clear, ready for more hours of studying and work. Also, your stress will be much more controlled! ;
  • You will sleep better – you will lose less time falling a sleep because you will spend the extra energy;
  • Eating healthier will not be a problem – when you work out, your body regulates your hunger and will “tell” you that you need to eat healthy food. Your apetite will be not directed to fat or sugar aliments;
  • The age doesn’t matter – you might think that there is a specific age to workout, forget that, exercising is for everyone!

There are no excuses for not start working out as daily basis. For better results you should always find a suitable train for you and choose something that you appreciate, it has 10 times more positive effects!

Thank you for reading! Bless you for being happy and healthy!




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