Chain of Happiness…

There was one day of my life that someone very important taught me a valuable lesson: there is in the world something I like to call the Chain of Happiness. It is a phenomenon that exists right in front of us and we can activate it every minute that we socialize with others. That phenomenon consists in the fact that when someone is nice and shows good feelings towards to other person, this will lead to a positive reaction in this second person. This person will feel good and inspired to be nice to someone else. This is a chain that will continue until someone breaks it.

Seems pretty easy, however it is much harder than we can think, because the majority of people can’t be happy and positive all the time and it is natural, we all have some problems right? That is not true, of course we have our own problems, but they will consist in problems if we think about them in that way. It is proved that successful people look at a problem as it is just a challenge they need to overcome. If our attitude towards the world is positive and dynamic we will be able to carry easily our lives everyday with a smile in our faces!

Now think about people who do not have food in their tables everyday, think about children that can’t go to school, just because there is no school, think about people who were born with some limitations in their health, think about who live in the streets, think about the people who live inside of war… After you think about that, be grateful for having a normal life (even if it is not that normal), thank everyday for having food, a bed, clothes, internet, thank everyday for having this things that may seem little (but they are not little).

In conclusion, the chain of happiness now seems to be more easy to understand, we all have some challenges in our lives, but that is gives the value to everyday. So if we all behaved according the chain of happiness, we would spread the positive energy to the people that surround us and everything would be much simpler.

I hope I inspired your day! Thank you for reading! Have a bright day! 🙂

“Most importantly, keep on smiling… Because life is a beautiful thing, and there’s so much to smile about” – Marilyn Monroe 


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