Welcoming Post

Writing is a passion of many, but not everyone takes the lip of faith to write their thoughts or beliefs. Today a journey started in my life, and I want to share it with the world, with you. I want to welcome you to my new place of reflection . Because Feelings are Free, as everyone has their own unique and beautiful way of living, in this cold and amazing World. Our feelings are indeed free of charge. You are, in fact, feeling them right now, reading this text, maybe thinking “Why am I reading this?”.

I don’t know that answer, but one thing I know is that we should start following our dreams everyday we wake up, we should start working in dominating our feelings, start to make our life as we want it to be. Yes, I said “dominating our feelings”, because we can do it. Some people believe in that we can’t control our FEELINGS, but we can, what we can’t control is our EMOTIONS. Someone taught me a big difference between Emotions and Feelings: the emotions are raw and the first contact we have with external environment, such as when something attack us (e.g. a bug), we feel angry, we want to kill that little annoying pain that is bothering us. But a feeling would be feeling SAD all day because a negative external factor was bothering us in the first place. But we can decide, we can decide being HAPPY or SAD. That is your decision as everything that will happen in your life. You can decide to be exited every morning or just bored because you are starting a new day.

That is just one of the first thoughts I wanted to share with you. You are always welcome to Feelings For Free. Because our feelings are free. Thank you very much for your attention, and hope you liked it. Give your feedback and teach the others something you learn that can help someone overcome a hard time.

Be Grateful, be happy, be yourself…

“Be the best version of yourself!”



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